Systems Wellness Check

It’s no secret in the business world that systemization is one of the keys to growing and scaling your business. Quite simply, businesses and teams operate at their highest potential when certain functions in the business have documented systems and processes in place.

This isn’t about killing creativity, of course – it’s about standardizing the “rinse and repeat” processes in your business to maximize efficiency and allow for growth.

In this package we’ll dig deep into your business processes to determine where the most impactful improvements in systemization can be made.

My Systems Wellness Check is great for you if:

  • You are an established business owner with proven workflows (even if they’re just in your or your team members’ heads!).

PRODUCTIVITY HACK: don’t spend time documenting processes that are still being fine-tuned.

  • You believe in the power of systemizing in order to reduce risk, improve team efficiency, streamline your hiring/training process, and scale your business.
BONUS: systemizing will also help you get top dollar if/when you’re ready to sell your business!
  • You know you should be systemizing, but aren’t sure where/how to start, so you’re looking for expert advice on where to focus your efforts.

With my Systems Wellness Check package, you'll receive:

  • A 2-hour private “deep dive” session via phone or Zoom where we’ll review the systemization status of all the major components of your business.
  • An in-depth audit of your business systems based on our private session.
  • A customized report identifying and prioritizing the most important areas where systemization will improve the health of your business.
  • A 1-hour private session to review your customized report.
  • Afterwards, you can begin working on my recommendations on your own OR we can discuss how I can help tackle this with you and/or your team.
  • BONUS: A checklist ranking ALL the major areas of your business to be systemized (in order) that you can work from to make improvements (because who doesn’t love an organized checklist?!).
  • BONUS: 30 days of email support to address any implementation questions that may come up after our session.
Investment = starting at $1295

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