CEO & Team Wellness Check

When you first started your business you most likely wore ALL. THE. HATS.
Now you’ve grown an amazing business (CONGRATULATIONS! 🎉) and it’s time to
stop working IN your business and start working ON your business.

This package is really all about your wellness, dear CEO!
The bottom line is (and I say this out of nothing but love for you): if you keep taking on too many roles yourself
in your business, you will eventually burn yourself out, keep your business from reaching its full potential,
or BOTH! That’s why having the right team is essential for the health, well-being and growth of your
business (and YOURSELF!).

In this package, we’ll focus on what’s currently on your plate (and your team’s plate, if you have one) and identify where changes can be made to build or grow the right team to support your business goals.
We’ll collaborate to get a plan in place for hiring or growing a team in alignment with your long-term vision for your business, so you can fully step into your CEO role and focus on doing only what you love to do!

My CEO & Team Wellness Check is great for you if:

  • You know you’re doing too much in the business, but don’t have the time or energy to plan and implement a way out of the weeds.
  • You have a vision for your business and know you need a team to support that vision, but don’t have the bandwidth to work out all the details.
  • You have the budget to consider hiring additional team members.
  • You currently have a team in place, but suspect there are still gaps that need to be filled to maximize your impact.
  • You’d like to brainstorm about what your CEO role should really entail.
  • You aren’t sure if hiring a team member is what your business needs right now or not.

With my CEO & Team Wellness Check package, you'll receive:

  • A pre-session assessment focusing on CEO & Team roles (to be completed by you prior to our session).
  • An in-depth audit of the assessment completed by me prior to our session.
  • A 90-minute private session via phone or Zoom to collaborate on the CEO & Team Wellness plan.
  • A customized report with recommended improvements on the structure of the roles and responsibilities of the business.
  • Afterwards, you can begin working on my recommendations on your own OR we can discuss how I can help tackle this with you and/or your team.
  • BONUS: 30 days of email support to address any implementation questions that may come up after our session.
Investment = starting at $995

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.

― Helen Keller