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About Me

My 20 years of business management & systemization experience have taught me a lot about myself.

Like so many of us, I started my career not knowing exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. However, I quickly discovered my natural tendency to identify opportunities for improvement, to create and implement systems and processes and to bring organization and progress to life. I knew then that helping business owners solve challenges in their businesses was what I was created to do!

All my years working in various aspects of a brick-and-mortar business and my Certified Online Business Manager® training have allowed me to really hone these instincts and I am excited to share these talents to help simplify YOUR life and ELEVATE your business.

Planning and organization are my superpowers.

I was born a planner. Even in my personal life, I find myself naturally called into planner and organizer mode.

  • As a little girl, I planned elaborate parties for my Barbies and birthday parties for myself and my friends.
  • In college, I planned all the activities and foodie stops for a 2-week trip across Europe.
  • I’ve helped plan several weddings, including my own destination wedding on an island in Florida (talk about a logistical challenge!).
  • Most recently, I planned all the details of relocating to a state 500 miles from everyone and everything we’ve always known (and it’s been the adventure of a lifetime!).

The point is this: planning is my zone of genius. It’s what I was born to do, both personally and professionally.

I love bringing plans to life!

I believe that a purposeful and well-informed plan is the foundation to achieving what we want in business (and in life). But, we can’t just stop there!

We also have to take action in order to bring our plans to life!

For me, this is one of the most gratifying parts of my work. Managing the life cycle of a vision from conception → plan → implementation → SUCCESS is where the true reward is for me! There are few things more gratifying than working with a team to make this magic happen!

As a Certified Online Business Manager®, I get to be a part of making this happen every day for my clients. I’d love to help you give your visions the life they deserve!


I’d love to collaborate with you to create bold plans, elevate your business and expand the impact you’re making in the world!

Need help managing those plans and guiding your team? – I’ve got you covered there, too!

About Elevation Virtual Solutions

Although I typically do my best work planning how to bring other people’s visions to life, Elevation Virtual Solutions is the greatest example of this in my own life. It all started with a BOLD vision: to create a business using my God-given talents and desire to serve others that would allow me to do truly fulfilling work, improve the lives of my clients and help my clients expand their impact on society.

My vision of “elevating” businesses is about so much more than just making you more money (although that IS a nice perk that often comes with working with an OBM). For me, it’s also about:

Partnership: I will care for your business and your team as if they were my own. I’ll be right alongside you to guide you and your team every step of the way in any way I can. My goal is not to build my own empire – it’s to help you make your impact on the world.

Staying true to your vision: My goal is to help you create and implement plans, systems, workflows and a team that are consistently in alignment with your vision and values.

Impact: Having well-aligned plans, systems and the right team in place allow the best environment for thriving. All of these will help ensure your business is functioning at an elevated capacity allowing for maximum growth and maximum impact on the community of people you serve.

Mission Statement


Elevation Virtual Solutions serves entrepreneurs with a desire to elevate their businesses and their impact on the communities they serve.


We aim to provide exceptional Certified OBM® services by simplifying business operations through strategic planning, systemization, organization, process improvement and building the right team.


Because we want to support you in sharing your gifts with the world! We want to set your business and team up to thrive. We want to free up your time so you can focus on what you love to do in the business to help your clients. Our calling is to support you in yours!

Vision Statement

Our vision is have a positive impact in society by supporting entrepreneurs who have a passion for serving others and sharing their gifts with the world.

Values Statement

Elevation Virtual Solutions is built upon and adheres to the following values:

  • Honesty, integrity & respect
  • Collaboration, partnership & open communication
  • Dependability & ownership
  • Continuous learning & improvement
  • Excellence
  • Boldness, even in periods of uncertainty

Let's Get Personal

I believe that connection and relationships are just as important at work as in our personal lives. I don’t only want to get to know your business – I also want to get to know YOU and your team!

I'll go first... here are a few fun facts about me to get us started:

I believe that one of our primary purposes is to be a blessing to others – in life and in business. I believe that we all possess God-given gifts that we should share with others to help improve the world around us.

The guiding principles in my life are: my faith and practicing empathy, patience, kindness and love in all things.

I am most at peace in nature. I love to hike, kayak, or simply just sit under a tree listening to the leaves rustle in the breeze. I love the mountains and I also love the beach. FUN FACT: Most of the mountain photos on this website were taken by me while traveling.

I’ve hiked from one rim of the Grand Canyon to the other (North Rim to South Rim). It was totally nerve-wracking, but I did it anyway and it was AMAZING!
I can become fairly obsessed about learning new ideas, concepts, tools and technology. I am constantly fighting Shiny Object Syndrome!
I love to read and totally geek out on books about psychology, spirituality, productivity, self-transformation and outdoor adventures.

I love to research EVERYTHING! I’ll stop at nothing to get an answer to an unanswered question – seriously, I’ve got a problem! 😜 (This is great for my clients though because you can rest assured that, if there’s ever anything new to me in your business, I’ll be an expert in no time!).

I tend to work too hard, but I also love a good nap in the middle of the day.
I love animals! Our black lab, Wilson, was my best friend and I miss him every day since he went over the Rainbow Bridge a few years ago. We also have two cats who are completely spoiled. I even love feeding all the animals who frequent our backyard feeders – I think of them as my pets, too!
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In case you’re as fascinated by psychology and human behavior as I am, below are some of my results from various assessments. 

Connectedness | Learner | Relator | Responsibility | Achiever
2w1 – “the Supportive Advisor” or “the Helper”

Advocate (INFJ-T)

Traits: Introverted – 84%, Intuitive – 81%, Feeling – 93%, Judging – 67%, Turbulent – 61%
Role: Diplomat
Strategy: Constant improvement


Administration | Giving | Service | Leadership | Helps

I can’t wait to get to know you better soon, too!

Each of you has been blessed with one of God's many wonderful gifts to be used in the service of others. So use your gift well.

1 Peter 4:10